Bob Janssen
Freelance artistic photographer from Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Photography is my passion, it awakens an inexplicable joy in me. It is a profession that affords exceptional opportunities to travel and meet the most extraordinary people, and hear the most remarkable stories. A photo can reach right in and grasp the soul. It affects mood, takes us on an impossible journey back through time, through memories of touch, taste and smell.

Drone Photography

The point of view largely determines whether a photograph is attractive or exciting. With a drone, you have a unique vantage point. This allows you to capture images that would not be possible from the ground. This unique perspective changes the way the viewer sees recognizable locations. They see, for example, a captivating and abstract image. The drone allows me to play even more with the artistic aspect of photography.

I grew up around photopraphy and the magic it captures. My father was my mentor and teacher, we seized every possible opportunity to photograph and capture images. We developed and printed our own photos in our own darkroom. I feel immense gratitude for these memories and it is from this that I’m driven to capture and save other people’s memories for them. I would love to hear from you so please get in touch and we can talk about bringing your memories to life.

‘A photo tells a story and I love to show the story’